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Release Notes

v0.6.0 - 2021-03-29

✨ New Features

  • #1132 Added Performer tags.

🎨 Improvements

  • #1198 Improve performer scraper search modal.
  • #1195 Add galleries tab to Tag details page.
  • #1193 Allow scene/performer/studio image upload via URL.
  • #1176 Add button to hide unmatched scenes in Tagger view.
  • #1169 Hide create option in dropdowns when searching in filters.
  • #1166 Add scrape gallery from fragment to UI
  • #1168 Improved performer details and edit UI pages.
  • #1156 Resolve python executable to python3 or python for python script scrapers.
  • #1150 Add url field to URLReplace, and make queryURLReplace available when scraping by URL.
  • #1130 Make logging format consistent across platforms and include full timestamp.
  • #1105 Remember gallery images view mode.
  • #1120 Add option to skip checking of insecure SSL certificates when scraping.
  • #1104 Auto-play video previews on mobile devices.
  • #1104 Replace hover menu with dropdown menu for O-Counter.
  • #1122 Support random strings for scraper cookie values.
  • #1119 Added Rescan button to scene, image, gallery details overflow button.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • #1208 Fix SQL error when filtering nullable string fields with regex.
  • #1192 Fix incorrect folders being excluded during scanning.
  • #1187 Filter out streaming resolution options that are over the maximum streaming resolution.
  • #1144 Fix cover.jpg not being detected as cover image when in sub-directory.
  • #1154 Fix scan re-associating galleries to the same scene.
  • #1147 Fix SQL error when filtering galleries excluding performers or tags.
  • #1142 Fix version checking for armv7 and arm64.
  • #1137 Change "Is NULL" filter to include empty string values.
  • #1104 Prevent scene card previews playing in full-screen on iOS devices.

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