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Release Notes

v0.5.0 - 2021-02-23

Note: After upgrading, all scene file sizes will be 0B until a new scan is run.

New Features

  • #1057 Add support for multiple galleries per scene, and vice-versa.
  • #1069 Add backup database functionality to Settings/Tasks.
  • #1008 Add gallery wall view.
  • #988 Add organized flag for scenes, galleries and images.
  • #974 Allow configuration of visible navbar items.


  • #1117 Added Donate button to top navbar.
  • #1082 Add directory selection to auto-tag task.
  • #1082 Add string matches/not matches regex filter criteria.
  • #1079 Added configuration option for import file size limit and increased default to 1GB.
  • #1081 Add dry-run option for Clean task.
  • #1073 Refresh UI when changing custom CSS options.
  • #1053 Add batch deleting of performers, tags, studios, and movies.
  • #1048 Reset cache after scan/clean to ensure scenes are updated.
  • #1036 Add more video/image resolution tags.
  • #1022 Add option to strip file extension from scene title when populating from scanning task.
  • #1008 Pagination support and general improvements for image lightbox.
  • #827 Add mouse click support for CDP scrapers.
  • #969 Add gallery tabs to performer and studio pages.
  • #969 Add gallery scrapers to scraper page.
  • #934 Add support for setting cookies in scrapers.
  • #932 Truncate long text and show on hover.
  • #965 Show scene studio as text where image is missing.
  • #943 Use natural sort for titles and movie names.
  • #820 Support optional preview and sprite generation during scanning.
  • #820 Support configurable number of threads for scanning and generation.

Bug fixes

  • #1133 Fix error when unsetting image studio.
  • #1133 Fix input fields being wiped when an error occurs creating a performer.
  • #1112 Fix edit data being lost when clicking the O-Counter, Organized or Favorite buttons.
  • #1118 Exclude media in generated directory from the library.
  • #1106 Prevent cover image from being incorrectly regenerated when a scene file's hash changes.
  • #1103 Fix version check sometimes giving incorrect results.
  • #1098 Fix stash potentially deleting downloads directory when first run.
  • #1035 Fix sprite generation when generated path has special characters.
  • #1051 Prevent studio from being set as its own parent
  • #1050 Fixed performer scraper select overlapping search results
  • #1048 Fix tag/studio images not being changed after update.
  • #1036 Fixed resolution tags and querying for portrait videos and images.
  • #994 Corrected file sizes on 32bit platforms
  • #989 Fixed login redirect to remember the current page.
  • #1014 Fixed scene tagger config saving

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