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Release Notes

v0.4.0 - 2020-11-24

Note: After upgrading, please verify your stash library settings and perform a scan to populate gallery images and the file modification times in the database.

New Features

  • #940 Add selective scan.
  • #770, #873 Add selective export of all objects.
  • #454 Add stash-box tagger to scenes page.
  • #826 Add filters tab in scene page.
  • #790 Add selectable streaming quality profiles in the scene player.
  • #862 Add gallery metadata scraping.
  • #833 Add scrapers list setting page.
  • #813 Add support for individual images and manual creation of galleries.
  • #813 Add various fields to galleries.
  • #812 Add partial import from zip file.


  • #917 Add equals/not equals string criteria.
  • #904 Increase page size limit to 1000 and add new page size options.
  • #878 Add support for query URL parameter regex replacement when scraping by query URL.
  • #852 Include empty fields in isMissing filter
  • #849 Show static image on scene wall if preview video is missing.
  • #834 Add path filter to scene and gallery query.
  • #838 Add button to hide left panel on scene page.
  • #835 Add link to parent studio in studio page.
  • #800 Add missing scenes movie filter.
  • #799 Add gallery icon to scene cards.
  • #795Add country query link to performer flag.
  • #793 Improved gallery layout.
  • #787 Add hover delay before scene preview is played.
  • #787 Re-show preview thumbnail when mousing away from scene card.

Bug fixes

  • #937 Changed startup behaviour to only set libraries from STASH_STASH environment variable if not already set.
  • #887 Don't set default studio image during studio creation.
  • #881 Update Freeones scraper for website update.
  • #836 Fix invalid date tag preventing video file from being scanned.
  • #832 Fix error when creating movie from scene scrape dialog.
  • #807 Fix incorrect date timezone.
  • #802 Fix search filters not persisting for studios, markers and galleries.
  • #784 Fix pending thumbnail on wall items on mobile platforms.
  • #814, #824 Fix downloading and permissions for ffmpeg/ffprobe.

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