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Release Notes

v0.3.0 - 2020-09-02

Note: After upgrading, the next scan will populate all scenes with oshash hashes. MD5 calculation can be disabled after populating the oshash for all scenes. See Hashing Algorithms in the Configuration section of the manual for details.

New Features

  • #741 Show and allow creation of unknown performers/tags/studios/movies in the scraper dialog.
  • #709 Add support for scraping movie details.
  • #717 Add support for JSON scrapers.
  • #651 Add support for plugin tasks.
  • #667 Add oshash algorithm for hashing scene video files. Enabled by default on new systems.
  • #672 Support (re-)generation of generated content for specific scenes.
  • #641 Add tag thumbnails, tags grid view and tag page.
  • #644 Add post-scrape dialog.
  • #637 Add various keyboard shortcuts (see manual).
  • #630 Support deleting multiple scenes.
  • #628 Add in-app help manual.
  • #620 Add support for custom served folders.
  • #595 Add support for parent/child studios.


  • #774 Support cbz galleries.
  • #745 Improve sprite generation performance.
  • #725 Make preview generation more fault-tolerant.
  • #722 Allow clearing of images and querying on missing images.
  • #721 Allow free-editing of scene movie number.
  • #663 Allow adding performers and studios from selectors.
  • #625 Add support for chrome dp in xpath scrapers.
  • #673 Allow customisation of preview video generation.
  • #609 Add support for live transcoding in Safari.
  • #616 Add mapped and fixed post-processing scraping options.
  • #666 Add random sorting for performers.
  • #650 Search for files which have low or upper case supported filename extensions.
  • #637 Add dialog when pasting movie images.
  • #642 Allow click and click-drag selection after selecting scene.
  • #630 Added multi-scene edit dialog.
  • #618 Moved images to separate tables, increasing performance.
  • #622 Add gallery grid view.
  • #622 Add is-missing scene filter for gallery query.
  • #622 Don't import galleries with no images, and delete galleries with no images during clean.
  • #614 Show pagination at top as well as bottom of the page.
  • #579 Add split xpath post-processing action.
  • #562 Improved the layout of the scene page.
  • #567 Show rating as stars in scene page.
  • #592 Add reload scrapers button.

Bug fixes

  • #745 Fix directories with video name extensions being detected as files to be scanned.
  • #745 Fix issues moving generated files between file systems.
  • #681 Fix formatted dates using incorrect timezone.

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