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Release Notes

v0.13.0 - 2022-03-08

✨ New Features

  • Added title, rating and o-counter in image lightbox. (#2274)
  • Added option to hide scene scrubber by default. (#2325)
  • Added support for bulk-editing movies. (#2283)
  • Added support for filtering scenes, images and galleries featuring favourite performers and performer age at time of production. (#2257)
  • Added support for filtering scenes with (or without) phash duplicates. (#2257)
  • Added support for sorting scenes by phash. (#2257)
  • Open stash in system tray on Windows/MacOS when not running via terminal. (#2073)
  • Optionally send desktop notifications when a task completes. (#2073)
  • Added button to image card to view image in Lightbox. (#2275)
  • Added support for submitting performer/scene drafts to stash-box. (#2234)

🎨 Improvements

  • Removed generate options from Tasks -> Generate. These should be set in System -> Preview Generation instead. (#2342)
  • Added gallery icon on Image cards. (#2324)
  • Made Performer page consistent with Studio and Tag pages. (#2200)
  • Added gender icons to performers. (#2179)
  • Added button to test credentials when adding/editing stash-box endpoints. (#2173)
  • Show counts on list tabs in Performer, Studio and Tag pages. (#2169)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix Scrape All button not returning phash distance-matched results from stash-box. (#2355)
  • Fix performer checksum not being updated when name updated via batch stash-box tag. (#2345)
  • Fix studios/performers/tags with unicode characters not being auto-tagged. (#2336)
  • Preview Generation now uses defaults defined in System settings unless overridden in the Generate options. (#2328)
  • Fix scraped performer tags being incorrectly applied to scene tags. (#2339)
  • Fix performer tattoos incorrectly being applied to Twitter URL during batch performer tag. (#2332)
  • Fix performer country not expanding from code when tagging from stash-box. (#2323)
  • Fix image exclude regex not being honoured when scanning in zips. (#2317)
  • Delete funscripts when deleting scene files. (#2265)
  • Fix regex queries incorrectly being converted to lowercase. (#2314)
  • Fix saved filters with URL encoded characters being incorrectly converted. (#2301)
  • Removed trusted proxies setting. (#2229)
  • Fix preview videos causing background media to stop on Android. (#2254)
  • Allow Stash to be iframed. (#2217)
  • Resolve CDP hostname if necessary. (#2174)
  • Generate sprites for short video files. (#2167)
  • Fix stash-box scraping including underscores in ethnicity. (#2191)
  • Fix stash-box batch performer task not setting birthdate. (#2189)
  • Fix error when scanning symlinks. (#2196)
  • Fix timezone issue with Created/Updated dates in scene/image/gallery details pages. (#2190)

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