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Release Notes

v0.12.0 - 2021-12-29

✨ New Features

  • Changed query string parsing behaviour to require all words by default, with the option to or keywords and exclude keywords. See the Browsing section of the manual for details. (#1982)
  • Show heatmaps and median stroke speed for interactive scenes on the scenes page. (#2096)
  • Added selective clean task. (#2125)
  • Added option to force generation of transcodes for selected scenes. (#2126)
  • Save task options when scanning, generating and auto-tagging. (#1949, #2061)
  • Added forward jump 10 second button to video player. (#1973)

🎨 Improvements

  • Overhauled, restructured and added auto-save to the settings pages. (#2086)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to hide scene page sidebar and scene scrubber. (#2099)
  • Added support for setting scrapers path in the settings page. (#2124)
  • Made scene phash field in File Info tab a link to show duplicate scenes. (#2154)
  • Rollback operation if files fail to be deleted. (#1954)
  • Prefer right-most Studio match in the file path when autotagging. (#2057)
  • Show Created/Updated dates in scene/image/gallery details pages. (#2145)
  • Include path and hashes in destroy scene/image/gallery post hook input. (#2102)
  • Added plugin hook for Tag merge operation. (#2010)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Don't include audio in marker previews if Include Audio option is unchecked. (#2101)
  • Include performer aliases when scraping from stash-box. (#2091)
  • Remove empty folder-based galleries during clean. (#1954)
  • Select first scene result in scene tagger where possible. (#2051)
  • Reject dates with invalid format. (#2052)
  • Fix Autostart Video on Play Selected and Continue Playlist default settings not working. (#2050)
  • Fix "Custom Performer Images" feature picking up non-image files. (#2017)

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