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Release Notes

v0.11.0 - 2021-11-16

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✨ New Features

  • Added Identify task to automatically identify scenes from stash-box/scraper sources. See manual entry for details. (#1839)
  • Added support for matching scenes using perceptual hashes when querying stash-box. (#1858)
  • Generalised Tagger view to support tagging using supported scene scrapers. (#1812)
  • Added built-in Auto Tag scene scraper to match performers, studio and tags from filename - using AutoTag logic. (#1817)
  • Add options to auto-start videos when playing from selection and continue to scene playlists. (#1921)
  • Support is (not) null for multi-relational filter criteria. (#1785)
  • Optionally open browser on startup (enabled by default for new systems). (#1832)
  • Support setting defaults for Delete File and Delete Generated Files in the Interface Settings. (#1852)
  • Added interface options to disable creating performers/studios/tags from dropdown selectors. (#1814)

🎨 Improvements

  • Added Italian 🇮🇹, French 🇫🇷, and Spanish 🇪🇸 translations (#1875, #1967, #1886)
  • Added stash-id to scene scrape dialog. (#1955)
  • Reworked main navbar and positioned at bottom for mobile devices. (#1769)
  • Show files being deleted in the Delete dialogs. (#1852)
  • Added specific page titles. (#1831)
  • Show pagination at top and bottom of page. (#1776)
  • Include total duration/megapixels and filesize information on Scenes and Images pages. (#1776)
  • Optimised generate process. (#1871)
  • Added clear button to query text field. (#1845)
  • Moved Performer rating stars from details/edit tabs to heading section of performer page. (#1844)
  • Optimised scanning process. (#1816)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix tag hierarchy not being validated during tag creation. (#1926)
  • Fix tag hierarchy validation incorrectly failing for some hierarchies. (#1926)
  • Fix exclusion pattern fields losing focus on keypress. (#1952)
  • Include stash ids in import/export. (#1916)
  • Fix tiny menu items in scrape menu when a stash-box instance has no name. (#1889)
  • Fix creating missing entities removing the incorrect entry from the missing list in the scrape dialog. (#1890)
  • Allow creating missing Studio during movie scrape. (#1899)
  • Fix image files in folder galleries not being deleting when delete file option is checked. (#1872)
  • Fix marker generation task reading video files unnecessarily. (#1871)
  • Fix accessing Stash via IPv6 link local address causing security tripwire to be activated. (#1841)
  • Fix Twitter value defaulting to freeones in built-in Freeones scraper. (#1853)
  • Fix colour codes not outputting correctly when logging to file on Windows. (#1846)
  • Sort directory listings using case sensitive collation. (#1823)
  • Fix auto-tag logic for names which have single-letter words. (#1817)
  • Fix huge memory usage spike during clean task. (#1805)

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