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Release Notes

v0.10.0 - 2021-10-11

💥 Note: Please check your logs after migrating to this release. A log warning will be generated on startup if duplicate image checksums exist in your system. Search for the images using the logged checksums, and remove the unwanted ones.

💥 Note: The system will now stop serving requests if authentication is not configured and it detects a connection from public internet. See this link for details.

✨ New Features

  • Added support for Tag hierarchies. (#1519)
  • Revamped image lightbox to support zoom, pan and various display modes. (#1708)
  • Added support for Studio aliases. (#1660)
  • Added support for querying scene scrapers using keywords. (#1712)
  • Added native support for Apple Silicon / M1 Macs. (#1646)
  • Support subpaths when serving stash via reverse proxy. (#1719)
  • Disallow access from public internet addresses when authentication is not configured. (#1761)
  • Added options to generate webp and static preview files for markers. (#1604)
  • Added sort by option for gallery rating. (#1720)
  • Added Movies to Scene bulk edit dialog. (#1676)
  • Added Movies tab to Studio and Performer pages. (#1675)
  • Support filtering Movies by Performers. (#1675)

🎨 Improvements

  • Optimised image thumbnail generation (optionally using libvips) and made optional. (#1655)
  • Improved image query performance. (#1740, #1750)
  • Support setting metadata import/export directory from UI. (#1782)
  • Added movie count to performer and studio cards. (#1760)
  • Added date and details to Movie card, and move scene count to icon. (#1758)
  • Added date and details to Gallery card, and move image count to icon. (#1763)
  • Support scraper script logging to specific log levels. (#1648)
  • Added sv-SE language option. (#1691)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Disabled float-on-scroll player on mobile devices. (#1721)
  • Fix video transcoding process starting before video is played. (#1780)
  • Fix Scene Edit Panel form layout for mobile and desktop. (#1737)
  • Don't scan zero-length files. (#1779)
  • Accept svg files in file selector for tag images. (#1778)
  • Optimised exclude filter queries. (#1815)
  • Fix video player aspect ratio shifting sometimes when clicking scene tabs. (#1764)
  • Fix criteria being incorrectly applied when clicking back button. (#1765)
  • Show first page and fix order direction not being maintained when clicking on card popover button. (#1765)
  • Fix panic in autotagger when backslash character present in tag/performer/studio name. (#1753)
  • Fix Scene Player CLS issue (#1739)
  • Fix Gallery create plugin hook not being invoked when creating Gallery from folder. (#1731)
  • Fix tag aliases not being matched when autotagging from the tasks page. (#1713)
  • Fix Create Marker form on small devices. (#1718)

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