github standardnotes/desktop v3.5.14

New encryption algorithm

We are happy to make available to all users the upgrade to the latest version of our encryption specification, version 004. This version uses the latest state-of-the-art, cryptographer recommended algorithms for modern day encryption and key generation, designed to withstand the latest advances in brute-forcing.

Since version 3.5, new users have been using version 004 automatically, as well as existing users who would change their password. We are now giving all users on v3.5.14+ the option to upgrade to this stronger encryption algorithm.

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Other changes since v3.5.11

  • Safer updates: the app will now only update itself when it detects that a recent enough ( hour) local backup is available. You can still trigger the update manually.
  • Fixed: a backup decryption script was being put in the local backups folder even when automatic updates were disabled.
12 days ago