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3.4.2 - Beta 1

New features

  • When right-clicking a selection, text that is not editable can now be copied to the clipboard (dd10d7f)
  • Extensions packages meant to be extracted to the application's internal data directory are now downloaded to a system-defined temporary location instead of the application's internal directory (17c7b49)

Bug fixes

  • Changing the backups location to an external device would trigger an error (e33b047)
  • Canceling the "Change Backups Location" dialog would trigger an error (94c792d)
  • Handle Windows-specific errors that can occur when manipulating files (41ff03d)
  • On some Linux devices, the application could start with dimensions bigger than the screen's capacity, making it impossible to resize it (0c0e0cd)

Behind the scenes

  • Upgraded the application's dependencies (c2beeb7)
  • Unified the application's update mechanisms to only use electron-builder (9545ee9)
  • Improved the testing infrastructure (3e0c13f, f7f5996, 3c54ff5)
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