github standardnotes/desktop v3.4.1

This release includes some of the deepest changes to the internals of the desktop app yet. Its stated goal is to increase stability and robustness now and for a long time to come. As such, most of the changes in this release are not user-facing flashy features. Through this deep restructure however we expand the opportunity of implementing some long-requested functionality.


  • Spellchecking is now available when using the following editors:
    • Plain Editor
    • Bold Editor
    • Plus Editor
    • Markdown Basic
    • Markdown Math
    • Task Editor
  • On Windows and Linux platforms, you can change the spellchecker's languages by going in the app menu > Edit > Spellchecker Languages
    • You can select as many languages as you want, but depending on your hardware past a certain amount typing will feel slow/sluggish
    • Uncheck every language to disable spellchecking
  • On macOS, the app relies on your system-defined spellchecking preferences.

Behind the scenes

  • We upgraded our tech stack to the latest version of Electron (v8). This is what let us build a more complete spellchecking solution, and as the Electron team continues to improve their security model and implement new system integrations, Standard Notes will continue to benefit from these as well.
  • We rewrote desktop JavaScript files in TypeScript, thus increasing the robustness of the app by catching bugs before the app is even shipped.
  • We've added many automated tests to catch behavioral bugs before shipping.
  • The app now detects and honors system-defined proxy settings.
  • As an indirect result of all these changes, many user-reported bugs have been fixed.
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8 months ago