github standardnotes/desktop v3.3.0

  • Opening app or selecting tag will now no longer auto-select a Protected note, so will not auto-prompt for password/passcode.
  • Fixes issue where text could not be dragged/dropped onto app.
  • Uses localized date for "Last refreshed" in footer.
  • Fixes issue where submitting an incorrect passcode then pressing enter on alert would submit passcode again.
  • Creating a new tag for which a tag with the same title already exists will no longer succeed.
  • Exact text searching by wrapping your search query with quotes: "find exactly this text".
  • Search box accepts note UUIDs (to correlate notes from a backup file, for example).
  • Fixes issue where deleting or archiving a note would keep it selected in the interface.
  • Underlying refactors that should allow us to more easily ship new code and improvements in the future.
  • Fixes layout inconsistencies in Account menu.
  • The cursor on new notes will now auto-focus in the note body, not the title.
  • (Web) fixes issue where having the web app as a pinned tab in Firefox could result in a stale interface upon resuming after a long period of time.
latest releases: v3.5.15, v3.5.14, v3.5.14-beta2...
pre-release11 months ago