github standardnotes/desktop v3.0.8

  • Fixes issue where resizing window could result in a list of notes that doesn't scroll.
  • Fixes issue where expanding a window may not at times expand the editor view area.
  • Fixes issue where one could insert a tab character in a locked note using the plain editor.
  • Fixes issue where dragging and dropping a file would result in a fullscreen takeover of the file contents. File attachments are only supported in the context of FileSafe, and must be dragged-and-dropped within that extension only.
  • Fixes issue where + buttons for notes and tags could be vertically misaligned on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixes issue where changing a user preference (such as sort order and display options) would not take effect in other synced devices right away.
  • Fixes issue where a sync request may trigger before local data has been fully loaded, sometimes causing the "Potentially Out of Sync" message to appear. A remote sync will now not occur until all local data has been loaded first.
  • Disables spellcheck by default for the plain editor, as spellcheck can reduce editor performance. It can be enabled from the editor pane Menu option.
  • Disables spellcheck for note title field. On Safari, spellcheck in this field is particularly pesky.
  • Adds note about saving Session History to disk: enabling this feature can drastically reduce performance.
  • Adds ability for Windows and Linux users to disable themed menu bar and restore the traditional system menu bar. This option can be accessed from the top-level View menu.
  • Adds loading status text in the bottom footer, similar to the mobile app. It will show you initial loading status, like "Decrypting 300/1500 items", when the app is saving a local backup on desktop, and when large sync requests are occurring.
  • Adds "Restart Application" as a resolution method in case of "Potentially Out of Sync" message.
  • Autofocuses passcode lock input when the window appears.
  • Optimizes note-tag relationships to minimize chance of duplication in sync conflicts. This optimization will run once when you first launch the app, and a status message will display in the footer. Notes and tags created before July 2018 typically had a bi-directional relationship. That is, notes referenced tags, and tags referenced notes. This optimization transfers items with this old structure to the modern structure, where only tags reference notes.
latest releases: v3.5.16, v3.5.15, v3.5.14...
21 months ago