github standardnotes/desktop v3.0.5

  • Fixes an issue with a new placeholder note being created on startup that cannot be deleted.
  • Introduces Sync Integrity Verification. This feature runs on app startup and when you press the Refresh button in the bottom right corner. Sync Integrity Verification verifies that your local application (client) is in sync with the server, with both having the same set of data. This is accomplished by computing a hash on the client and on the server. If these hashes don't match, we know that the client and server must have different data. Hashes are comprised of millisecond-precise timestamps of item last modification date. When both client and server are in sync, the date of modification of each item should match. If they don't, then we know there is potential discordance.

If your app is currently in sync, you will not notice this feature. However, if we detect that the client and server may be out of sync (very rare), you'll see a message in the bottom right corner that says "Potentially Out of Sync". Upon clicking that option, you are advised on two options to remedy the problem. The first, and easiest, is just to sign out and sign back in. The second option is an automatic reconciliation process that will download all items from the server and re-sync your data locally.

latest releases: v3.5.16, v3.5.15, v3.5.14...
23 months ago