github standardnotes/desktop v3.0.3

  • Introducing the new Trash feature. The first step in deleting a note will now always be moving it to the trash. From there, you can permanently delete it. Be sure to update to mobile version 3.0.0 to get matching functionality.
  • Smart tags now appear without the Folders component. However, they can only be created using the Folders component. They will also work on mobile v3. Note that if you created a custom Archived tag previously, you should delete this smart tag, as it will no longer work. The system now provides its own Archived smart tag.
  • When saving a local backup, the app will now display a status message in the footer.
  • Protecting a note will now hide its list of tags in the main list of notes.
latest releases: v3.5.14, v3.5.14-beta2, v3.5.14-beta1...
23 months ago