github standardnotes/desktop v3.0.10-beta1

3.0.10 introduces many improvements to the underlying syncing algorithm, and reflects our syncing API's first major update. These changes relate mostly to conflict resolution handling, where the application says one thing, but the server says another thing. While the previous system was able to handle many of these scenarios well, there were other rare situations where the previous logic was not nuanced enough to discern the best course of action.

This release strengthens both the application-side logic, as well as takes a more nuanced approach on the server in relation to conflict handling. Overall, these changes are all under the hood, so you shouldn't really notice them.

While the changes are overall on the larger side relative to changes we've made in the past to the sync algorithm, this beta release still marks major improvements over 3.0.9, so we recommend a large adoption. Nonetheless, we'll collect feedback for a period of about a week before a wide release.

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pre-release20 months ago