github standardnotes/desktop v2.4.0-beta1

Introducing Privileges.

Privileges allow you to require your account password or local passcode to perform certain actions in the app. Actions include:

  • Download/Import Backups
  • View Locked Notes
  • Delete Notes
  • Manage Extensions
  • Manage Passcode
  • Manage Extensions

The key privilege is "View Locked Notes". If you lock a note, and enable this privilege, credentials will be required to access/view the note.


2.4 also introduces autolock, which allows you to specify when the app should automatically lock itself if you have a passcode lock. The autolock timer begins when the window is minimized or loses focus.

Known issues

  • On Windows, autolock timer doesn't begin when window loses focus, only when it is minimized.
  • Privileges management window UI is a bit squished together. This will be fixed before final release.
latest releases: v3.5.16, v3.5.15, v3.5.14...
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