github standardnotes/desktop v2.1.0

2.1 features an all new extensions system, including a browser, local installation (on desktop) and autoupdate.

Other new features:

  • New UI for menus and panels
  • Resizable and collapsable panes (tags, notes, editor)
  • Fine grained display options in the notes pane
  • Ability to toggle monospace font and spellcheck globally (available in Menu in editor pane)
  • Search results count (no in-note searching yet)
  • Ability to change local passcode without removing it
    ..and more.

Local Extensions:

When using Desktop, any extension you install is automatically installed and run locally. You can confirm an extension is running locally by one of:

  • If editor, click the Editor menu, then check for "Running locally" under the editor name.
  • If not editor, you can open the Inspector via Cmd+Option+i (or Ctrl+Alt+i) and noticing the log output "Loading Action Bar /Users/name/Library/...". The part after the name is the extension URL, so if you don't see http, it's loaded locally.

You can force an extension to only use the local installation by opening Extensions, clicking the three dots button (...), and unchecking "Use hosted when local is unavailable".

You can browse your installed extensions on your system by clicking Help in the top level menu, then Open Data Directory. You'll find everything in the "Extensions" folder.

Extended code

The new extensions manager requires an Extended code. If you are an Extended member, you can find your code by signing into, then scrolling to the bottom of that page. Copy and paste that code into the Extensions manager input.

latest releases: v3.5.14, v3.5.14-beta2, v3.5.14-beta1...
2 years ago