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19 months ago

We're super excited to announce standard 17!

This major release fully focuses on getting in sync with the wider ESLint ecosystem
and doesn't in itself introduce any new rules or features.

When you upgrade, consider running standard --fix to automatically format your
code to match the current set of rules.

This is the first release by two of our standard co-maintainers @Divlo and @voxpelli.
Buy them a cake if you run into them, thanks for getting this release out!

Major changes

  • eslint-config-node has been replaced with the up to date fork eslint-config-n. If you have used comments like // eslint-disable-line node/no-deprecated-api you now have to reference the n/ rules instead.
  • object-shorthand rule (as warning)
  • Use of ESLint 8, which allows for support for all of the latest syntax that ESLint 8 includes, such as top level await #1548 #1775
  • --verbose by default

Changed features

  • Update eslint from ~7.18.0 to ^8.13.0
  • Update eslint-config-standard from 16.0.3 to 17.0.0 to adapt to ESLint 8
  • Update eslint-config-standard-jsx from 10.0.0 to ^11.0.0 to adapt to ESLint 8
  • Update standard-engine from ^14 to ^15.0.0 to adapt to ESLint 8, see its CHANGELOG
  • Move from eslint-plugin-node@~11.1.0 to eslint-plugin-n@^15.1.0 to adapt to ESLint 8
  • Update eslint-plugin-import from ~2.24.2 to ^2.26.0
  • Update eslint-plugin-promise from ~5.1.0 to ^6.0.0
  • Update eslint-plugin-react from ~7.25.1 to ^7.28.0


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