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Released: May 27, 2019

  • [feature] [mssql] Added support for SQL Server filtered indexes, via the mssql_where
    parameter which works similarly to that of the postgresql_where index
    function in the PostgreSQL dialect.

    References: #4657

  • [bug] [misc] Removed errant "" symbol from which created an
    undesirable warning message.

    References: #4625

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed that the GenericFunction class was inadvertently
    registering itself as one of the named functions. Pull request courtesy
    Adrien Berchet.

    References: #4653

  • [bug] [engine] [postgresql] Moved the "rollback" which occurs during dialect initialization so that it
    occurs after additional dialect-specific initialize steps, in particular
    those of the psycopg2 dialect which would inadvertently leave transactional
    state on the first new connection, which could interfere with some
    psycopg2-specific APIs which require that no transaction is started. Pull
    request courtesy Matthew Wilkes.

    References: #4663

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed issue where the AttributeEvents.active_history flag
    would not be set for an event listener that propgated to a subclass via the
    AttributeEvents.propagate flag. This bug has been present
    for the full span of the AttributeEvents system.

    References: #4695

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed regression where new association proxy system was still not proxying
    hybrid attributes when they made use of the @hybrid_property.expression
    decorator to return an alternate SQL expression, or when the hybrid
    returned an arbitrary PropComparator, at the expression level.
    This involved further generalization of the heuristics used to detect the
    type of object being proxied at the level of QueryableAttribute,
    to better detect if the descriptor ultimately serves mapped classes or
    column expressions.

    References: #4690

  • [bug] [orm] Applied the mapper "configure mutex" against the declarative class mapping
    process, to guard against the race which can occur if mappers are used
    while dynamic module import schemes are still in the process of configuring
    mappers for related classes. This does not guard against all possible race
    conditions, such as if the concurrent import has not yet encountered the
    dependent classes as of yet, however it guards against as much as possible
    within the SQLAlchemy declarative process.

    References: #4686

  • [bug] [mssql] Added error code 20047 to "is_disconnect" for pymssql. Pull request
    courtesy Jon Schuff.

    References: #4680

  • [bug] [orm] [postgresql] Fixed an issue where the "number of rows matched" warning would emit even if
    the dialect reported "supports_sane_multi_rowcount=False", as is the case
    for psycogp2 with use_batch_mode=True and others.

    References: #4661

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed issue where double negation of a boolean column wouldn't reset
    the "NOT" operator.

    References: #4618

  • [bug] [mysql] Added support for DROP CHECK constraint which is required by MySQL 8.0.16
    to drop a CHECK constraint; MariaDB supports plain DROP CONSTRAINT. The
    logic distinguishes between the two syntaxes by checking the server version
    string for MariaDB presence. Alembic migrations has already worked
    around this issue by implementing its own DROP for MySQL / MariaDB CHECK
    constraints, however this change implements it straight in Core so that its
    available for general use. Pull request courtesy Hannes Hansen.

    References: #4650

  • [bug] [orm] A warning is now emitted for the case where a transient object is being
    merged into the session with Session.merge() when that object is
    already transient in the Session. This warns for the case where
    the object would normally be double-inserted.

    References: #4647

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed regression in new relationship m2o comparison logic first introduced
    at change_4359 when comparing to an attribute that is persisted as
    NULL and is in an un-fetched state in the mapped instance. Since the
    attribute has no explicit default, it needs to default to NULL when
    accessed in a persistent setting.

    References: #4676

  • [bug] [sql] The GenericFunction namespace is being migrated so that function
    names are looked up in a case-insensitive manner, as SQL functions do not
    collide on case sensitive differences nor is this something which would
    occur with user-defined functions or stored procedures. Lookups for
    functions declared with GenericFunction now use a case
    insensitive scheme, however a deprecation case is supported which allows
    two or more GenericFunction objects with the same name of
    different cases to exist, which will cause case sensitive lookups to occur
    for that particular name, while emitting a warning at function registration
    time. Thanks to Adrien Berchet for a lot of work on this complicated

    References: #4569

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