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Released: June 25, 2020


  • [orm] [usecase] Improve error message when using _query.Query.filter_by() in
    a query where the first entity is not a mapped class.

    References: #5326

  • [orm] [usecase] Added a new parameter _orm.query_expression.default_expr to the
    _orm.query_expression() construct, which will be appled to queries
    automatically if the _orm.with_expression() option is not used. Pull
    request courtesy Haoyu Sun.

    References: #5198


  • [engine] [bug] Further refinements to the fixes to the "reset" agent fixed in
    #5326, which now emits a warning when it is not being correctly
    invoked and corrects for the behavior. Additional scenarios have been
    identified and fixed where this warning was being emitted.

    References: #5326

  • [engine] [bug] Fixed issue in URL object where stringifying the object
    would not URL encode special characters, preventing the URL from being
    re-consumable as a real URL. Pull request courtesy Miguel Grinberg.

    References: #5341


  • [sql] [schema] Introduce IdentityOptions to store common parameters for
    sequences and identity columns.

    References: #5324

  • [sql] [usecase] Added a ".schema" parameter to the _expression.table() construct,
    allowing ad-hoc table expressions to also include a schema name.
    Pull request courtesy Dylan Modesitt.

    References: #5309

  • [sql] [bug] Correctly apply self_group in type_coerce element.

    The type coerce element did not correctly apply grouping rules when using
    in an expression

    References: #5344

  • [sql] [change] [sybase] Added .offset support to sybase dialect.
    Pull request courtesy Alan D. Snow.

    References: #5294

  • [sql] [bug] Added Select.with_hint() output to the generic SQL string that is
    produced when calling str() on a statement. Previously, this clause
    would be omitted under the assumption that it was dialect specific.
    The hint text is presented within brackets to indicate the rendering
    of such hints varies among backends.

    References: #5353


  • [schema] [bug] Fixed issue where dialect_options were omitted when a
    database object (e.g., Table) was copied using

    References: #5276


  • [mysql] [usecase] Implemented row-level locking support for mysql. Pull request courtesy
    Quentin Somerville.

    References: #4860


  • [sqlite] [bug] Added "exists" to the list of reserved words for SQLite so that this word
    will be quoted when used as a label or column name. Pull request courtesy
    Thodoris Sotiropoulos.

    References: #5395

  • [sqlite] [usecase] SQLite 3.31 added support for computed column. This change
    enables their support in SQLAlchemy when targeting SQLite.

    References: #5297


  • [mssql] [bug] Refined the logic used by the SQL Server dialect to interpret multi-part
    schema names that contain many dots, to not actually lose any dots if the
    name does not have bracking or quoting used, and additionally to support a
    "dbname" token that has many parts including that it may have multiple,
    independently-bracketed sections.

    References: #5364, #5366

  • [mssql] [bug] [pyodbc] Fixed an issue in the pyodbc connector such that a warning about pyodbc
    "drivername" would be emitted when using a totally empty URL. Empty URLs
    are normal when producing a non-connected dialect object or when using the
    "creator" argument to create_engine(). The warning now only emits if the
    driver name is missing but other parameters are still present.

    References: #5346

  • [mssql] [bug] Fixed issue with assembling the ODBC connection string for the pyodbc
    DBAPI. Tokens containing semicolons and/or braces "{}" were not being
    correctly escaped, causing the ODBC driver to misinterpret the
    connection string attributes.

    References: #5373

  • [mssql] [bug] Fixed issue where datetime.time parameters were being converted to
    datetime.datetime, making them incompatible with comparisons like
    >= against an actual _mssql.TIME column.

    References: #5339

  • [mssql] [bug] Fixed an issue where the is_disconnect function in the SQL Server
    pyodbc dialect was incorrectly reporting the disconnect state when the
    exception messsage had a substring that matched a SQL Server ODBC error

    References: #5359

  • [mssql] [change] Moved the supports_sane_rowcount_returning = False requirement from
    the PyODBCConnector level to the MSDialect_pyodbc since pyodbc
    does work properly in some circumstances.

    References: #5321


  • [oracle] [bug] [reflection] Fixed bug in Oracle dialect where indexes that contain the full set of
    primary key columns would be mistaken as the primary key index itself,
    which is omitted, even if there were multiples. The check has been refined
    to compare the name of the primary key constraint against the index name
    itself, rather than trying to guess based on the columns present in the

    References: #5421


  • [change] [examples] Added new option --raw to the examples.performance suite
    which will dump the raw profile test for consumption by any
    number of profiling visualizer tools. Removed the "runsnake"
    option as runsnake is very hard to build at this point;
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