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Released: October 9, 2019

  • [bug] [mssql] Fixed bug in SQL Server dialect with new "max_identifier_length" feature
    where the mssql dialect already featured this flag, and the implementation
    did not accommodate for the new initialization hook correctly.

    References: #4857

  • [bug] [oracle] Fixed regression in Oracle dialect that was inadvertently using max
    identifier length of 128 characters on Oracle server 12.2 and greater even
    though the stated contract for the remainder of the 1.3 series is that
    this value stays at 30 until version SQLAlchemy 1.4. Also repaired issues
    with the retrieval of the "compatibility" version, and removed the warning
    emitted when the "v$parameter" view was not accessible as this was causing
    user confusion.

    References: #4857, #4898

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