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Released: February 8, 2019

  • [bug] [ext] Implemented a more comprehensive assignment operation (e.g. "bulk replace")
    when using association proxy with sets or dictionaries. Fixes the problem
    of redundant proxy objects being created to replace the old ones, which
    leads to excessive events and SQL and in the case of unique constraints
    will cause the flush to fail.

    References: #2642

  • [bug] [postgresql] Fixed issue where using an uppercase name for an index type (e.g. GIST,
    BTREE, etc. ) or an EXCLUDE constraint would treat it as an identifier to
    be quoted, rather than rendering it as is. The new behavior converts these
    types to lowercase and ensures they contain only valid SQL characters.

    References: #4473

  • [bug] [orm] Improved the behavior of orm.with_polymorphic() in conjunction with
    loader options, in particular wildcard operations as well as
    orm.load_only(). The polymorphic object will be more accurately
    targeted so that column-level options on the entity will correctly take
    effect.The issue is a continuation of the same kinds of things fixed in

    References: #4469

  • [bug] [sql] Fully removed the behavior of strings passed directly as components of a
    select() or Query object being coerced to text()
    constructs automatically; the warning that has been emitted is now an
    ArgumentError or in the case of order_by() / group_by() a CompileError.
    This has emitted a warning since version 1.0 however its presence continues
    to create concerns for the potential of mis-use of this behavior.

    Note that public CVEs have been posted for order_by() / group_by() which
    are resolved by this commit: CVE-2019-7164 CVE-2019-7548

    References: #4481

  • [bug] [sql] Quoting is applied to Function names, those which are usually but
    not necessarily generated from the sql.func construct, at compile
    time if they contain illegal characters, such as spaces or punctuation. The
    names are as before treated as case insensitive however, meaning if the
    names contain uppercase or mixed case characters, that alone does not
    trigger quoting. The case insensitivity is currently maintained for
    backwards compatibility.

    References: #4467

  • [bug] [sql] Added "SQL phrase validation" to key DDL phrases that are accepted as plain
    strings, including ForeignKeyConstraint.on_delete,
    ForeignKeyConstraint.initially, for areas where a series of SQL
    keywords only are expected.Any non-space characters that suggest the phrase
    would need to be quoted will raise a CompileError. This change
    is related to the series of changes committed as part of #4481.

    References: #4481

  • [bug] [declarative] [orm] Added some helper exceptions that invoke when a mapping based on
    AbstractConcreteBase, DeferredReflection, or
    AutoMap is used before the mapping is ready to be used, which
    contain descriptive information on the class, rather than falling through
    into other failure modes that are less informative.

    References: #4470

  • [change] [tests] The test system has removed support for Nose, which is unmaintained for
    several years and is producing warnings under Python 3. The test suite is
    currently standardized on Pytest. Pull request courtesy Parth Shandilya.

    References: #4460

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