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Released: March 4, 2019

  • [feature] [schema] Added new parameters Table.resolve_fks and
    MetaData.reflect.resolve_fks which when set to False will
    disable the automatic reflection of related tables encountered in
    ForeignKey objects, which can both reduce SQL overhead for omitted
    tables as well as avoid tables that can't be reflected for database-specific
    reasons. Two Table objects present in the same MetaData
    collection can still refer to each other even if the reflection of the two
    tables occurred separately.

    References: #4517

  • [feature] [orm] The Query.get() method can now accept a dictionary of attribute keys
    and values as a means of indicating the primary key value to load; is
    particularly useful for composite primary keys. Pull request courtesy
    Sanjana S.

    References: #4316

  • [feature] [orm] A SQL expression can now be assigned to a primary key attribute for an ORM
    flush in the same manner as ordinary attributes as described in
    flush_embedded_sql_expressions where the expression will be evaulated
    and then returned to the ORM using RETURNING, or in the case of pysqlite,
    works using the cursor.lastrowid attribute.Requires either a database that
    supports RETURNING (e.g. Postgresql, Oracle, SQL Server) or pysqlite.

    References: #3133

  • [bug] [sql] The Alias class and related subclasses CTE,
    Lateral and TableSample have been reworked so that it is
    not possible for a user to construct the objects directly. These constructs
    require that the standalone construction function or selectable-bound method
    be used to instantiate new objects.

    References: #4509

  • [engine] [feature] Revised the formatting for StatementError when stringified. Each
    error detail is broken up over multiple newlines instead of spaced out on a
    single line. Additionally, the SQL representation now stringifies the SQL
    statement rather than using repr(), so that newlines are rendered as is.
    Pull request courtesy Nate Clark.

    References: #4500

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