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Released: June 29, 2018

  • [bug] [mysql] Fixed percent-sign doubling in mysql-connector-python dialect, which does
    not require de-doubling of percent signs. Additionally, the mysql-
    connector-python driver is inconsistent in how it passes the column names
    in cursor.description, so a workaround decoder has been added to
    conditionally decode these randomly-sometimes-bytes values to unicode only
    if needed. Also improved test support for mysql-connector-python, however
    it should be noted that this driver still has issues with unicode that
    continue to be unresolved as of yet.

  • [bug] [mssql] Fixed bug in MSSQL reflection where when two same-named tables in different
    schemas had same-named primary key constraints, foreign key constraints
    referring to one of the tables would have their columns doubled, causing
    errors. Pull request courtesy Sean Dunn.

    References: #4288

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed regression in 1.2 due to #4147 where a Table that
    has had some of its indexed columns redefined with new ones, as would occur
    when overriding columns during reflection or when using
    Table.extend_existing, such that the Table.tometadata()
    method would fail when attempting to copy those indexes as they still
    referred to the replaced column. The copy logic now accommodates for this

    References: #4279

  • [bug] [mysql] Fixed bug in index reflection where on MySQL 8.0 an index that includes
    ASC or DESC in an indexed column specification would not be correctly
    reflected, as MySQL 8.0 introduces support for returning this information
    in a table definition string.

    References: #4293

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed issue where chaining multiple join elements inside of
    Query.join() might not correctly adapt to the previous left-hand
    side, when chaining joined inheritance classes that share the same base

    References: #3505

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug in cache key generation for baked queries which could cause a
    too-short cache key to be generated for the case of eager loads across
    subclasses. This could in turn cause the eagerload query to be cached in
    place of a non-eagerload query, or vice versa, for a polymorhic "selectin"
    load, or possibly for lazy loads or selectin loads as well.

    References: #4287

  • [bug] [sqlite] Fixed issue in test suite where SQLite 3.24 added a new reserved word that
    conflicted with a usage in TypeReflectionTest. Pull request courtesy Nils

  • [feature] [oracle] Added a new event currently used only by the cx_Oracle dialect,
    DialectEvents.setiputsizes(). The event passes a dictionary of
    BindParameter objects to DBAPI-specific type objects that will be
    passed, after conversion to parameter names, to the cx_Oracle
    cursor.setinputsizes() method. This allows both visibility into the
    setinputsizes process as well as the ability to alter the behavior of what
    datatypes are passed to this method.

    References: #4290

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug in new polymorphic selectin loading where the BakedQuery used
    internally would be mutated by the given loader options, which would both
    inappropriately mutate the subclass query as well as carry over the effect
    to subsequent queries.

    References: #4286

  • [bug] [py3k] Replaced the usage of inspect.formatargspec() with a vendored version
    copied from the Python standard library, as inspect.formatargspec()
    is deprecated and as of Python 3.7.0 is emitting a warning.

    References: #4291

  • [ext] [feature] Added new attribute Query.lazy_loaded_from which is populated
    with an InstanceState that is using this Query in
    order to lazy load a relationship. The rationale for this is that
    it serves as a hint for the horizontal sharding feature to use, such that
    the identity token of the state can be used as the default identity token
    to use for the query within id_chooser().

    References: #4243

  • [bug] [mysql] Fixed bug in MySQLdb dialect and variants such as PyMySQL where an
    additional "unicode returns" check upon connection makes explicit use of
    the "utf8" character set, which in MySQL 8.0 emits a warning that utf8mb4
    should be used. This is now replaced with a utf8mb4 equivalent.
    Documentation is also updated for the MySQL dialect to specify utf8mb4 in
    all examples. Additional changes have been made to the test suite to use
    utf8mb3 charsets and databases (there seem to be collation issues in some
    edge cases with utf8mb4), and to support configuration default changes made
    in MySQL 8.0 such as explicit_defaults_for_timestamp as well as new errors
    raised for invalid MyISAM indexes.

    References: #4283

  • [bug] [mysql] The Update construct now accommodates a Join object
    as supported by MySQL for UPDATE..FROM. As the construct already
    accepted an alias object for a similar purpose, the feature of UPDATE
    against a non-table was already implied so this has been added.

    References: #3645

  • [bug] [mssql] [py3k] Fixed issue within the SQL Server dialect under Python 3 where when running
    against a non-standard SQL server database that does not contain either the
    "sys.dm_exec_sessions" or "sys.dm_pdw_nodes_exec_sessions" views, leading
    to a failure to fetch the isolation level, the error raise would fail due
    to an UnboundLocalError.

    References: #4273

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed regression caused by #4256 (itself a regression fix for
    #4228) which breaks an undocumented behavior which converted for a
    non-sequence of entities passed directly to the Query constructor
    into a single-element sequence. While this behavior was never supported or
    documented, it's already in use so has been added as a behavioral contract
    to Query.

    References: #4269

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed an issue that was both a performance regression in 1.2 as well as an
    incorrect result regarding the "baked" lazy loader, involving the
    generation of cache keys from the original Query object's loader
    options. If the loader options were built up in a "branched" style using
    common base elements for multiple options, the same options would be
    rendered into the cache key repeatedly, causing both a performance issue as
    well as generating the wrong cache key. This is fixed, along with a
    performance improvement when such "branched" options are applied via
    Query.options() to prevent the same option objects from being
    applied repeatedly.

    References: #4270

  • [bug] [mysql] [oracle] Fixed INSERT FROM SELECT with CTEs for the Oracle and MySQL dialects, where
    the CTE was being placed above the entire statement as is typical with
    other databases, however Oracle and MariaDB 10.2 wants the CTE underneath
    the "INSERT" segment. Note that the Oracle and MySQL dialects don't yet
    work when a CTE is applied to a subquery inside of an UPDATE or DELETE
    statement, as the CTE is still applied to the top rather than inside the

    References: #4275

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