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Released: May 28, 2018

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed regression in 1.2.7 caused by #4228, which itself was fixing
    a 1.2-level regression, where the query_cls callable passed to a
    Session was assumed to be a subclass of Query with
    class method availability, as opposed to an arbitrary callable. In
    particular, the dogpile caching example illustrates query_cls as a
    function and not a Query subclass.

    References: #4256

  • [bug] [engine] Fixed connection pool issue whereby if a disconnection error were raised
    during the connection pool's "reset on return" sequence in conjunction with
    an explicit transaction opened against the enclosing Connection
    object (such as from calling Session.close() without a rollback or
    commit, or calling Connection.close() without first closing a
    transaction declared with Connection.begin()), a double-checkin would
    result, which could then lead towards concurrent checkouts of the same
    connection. The double-checkin condition is now prevented overall by an
    assertion, as well as the specific double-checkin scenario has been

    References: #4252

  • [bug] [oracle] The Oracle BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE datatypes now participate within
    cx_Oracle.setinputsizes(), passing along NATIVE_FLOAT, so as to support the
    NaN value. Additionally, oracle.BINARY_FLOAT,
    oracle.BINARY_DOUBLE and oracle.DOUBLE_PRECISION now
    subclass Float, since these are floating point datatypes, not
    decimal. These datatypes were already defaulting the
    Float.asdecimal flag to False in line with what
    Float already does.

    References: #4264

  • [bug] [oracle] Added reflection capabilities for the oracle.BINARY_FLOAT,
    oracle.BINARY_DOUBLE datatypes.

  • [bug] [ext] The horizontal sharding extension now makes use of the identity token
    added to ORM identity keys as part of #4137, when an object
    refresh or column-based deferred load or unexpiration operation occurs.
    Since we know the "shard" that the object originated from, we make
    use of this value when refreshing, thereby avoiding queries against
    other shards that don't match this object's identity in any case.

    References: #4247

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed issue where the "ambiguous literal" error message used when
    interpreting literal values as SQL expression values would encounter a
    tuple value, and fail to format the message properly. Pull request courtesy
    Miguel Ventura.

  • [bug] [mssql] Fixed a 1.2 regression caused by #4061 where the SQL Server
    "BIT" type would be considered to be "native boolean". The goal here
    was to avoid creating a CHECK constraint on the column, however the bigger
    issue is that the BIT value does not behave like a true/false constant
    and cannot be interpreted as a standalone expression, e.g.
    "WHERE ". The SQL Server dialect now goes back to being
    non-native boolean, but with an extra flag that still avoids creating
    the CHECK constraint.

    References: #4250

  • [bug] [oracle] Altered the Oracle dialect such that when an Integer type is in
    use, the cx_Oracle.NUMERIC type is set up for setinputsizes(). In
    SQLAlchemy 1.1 and earlier, cx_Oracle.NUMERIC was passed for all numeric
    types unconditionally, and in 1.2 this was removed to allow for better
    numeric precision. However, for integers, some database/client setups
    will fail to coerce boolean values True/False into integers which introduces
    regressive behavior when using SQLAlchemy 1.2. Overall, the setinputsizes
    logic seems like it will need a lot more flexibility going forward so this
    is a start for that.

    References: #4259

  • [bug] [engine] Fixed a reference leak issue where the values of the parameter dictionary
    used in a statement execution would remain referenced by the "compiled
    cache", as a result of storing the key view used by Python 3 dictionary
    keys(). Pull request courtesy Olivier Grisel.

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed a long-standing regression that occurred in version
    1.0, which prevented the use of a custom MapperOption
    that alters the _params of a Query object for a
    lazy load, since the lazy loader itself would overwrite those
    parameters. This applies to the "temporal range" example
    on the wiki. Note however that the
    Query.populate_existing() method is now required in
    order to rewrite the mapper options associated with an object
    already loaded in the identity map.

    As part of this change, a custom defined
    MapperOption will now cause lazy loaders related to
    the target object to use a non-baked query by default unless
    the MapperOption._generate_cache_key() method is implemented.
    In particular, this repairs one regression which occurred when
    using the dogpile.cache "advanced" example, which was not
    returning cached results and instead emitting SQL due to an
    incompatibility with the baked query loader; with the change,
    the RelationshipCache option included for many releases
    in the dogpile example will disable the "baked" query altogether.
    Note that the dogpile example is also modernized to avoid both
    of these issues as part of issue #4258.

    References: #4128

  • [bug] [ext] Fixed a race condition which could occur if automap
    AutomapBase.prepare() were used within a multi-threaded context
    against other threads which may call configure_mappers() as a
    result of use of other mappers. The unfinished mapping work of automap
    is particularly sensitive to being pulled in by a
    configure_mappers() step leading to errors.

    References: #4266

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug where the new baked.Result.with_post_criteria()
    method would not interact with a subquery-eager loader correctly,
    in that the "post criteria" would not be applied to embedded
    subquery eager loaders. This is related to #4128 in that
    the post criteria feature is now used by the lazy loader.

  • [bug] [tests] Fixed a bug in the test suite where if an external dialect returned
    None for server_version_info, the exclusion logic would raise an

    References: #4249

  • [bug] [orm] Updated the dogpile.caching example to include new structures that
    accommodate for the "baked" query system, which is used by default within
    lazy loaders and some eager relationship loaders. The dogpile.caching
    "relationship_caching" and "advanced" examples were also broken due to
    #4256. The issue here is also worked-around by the fix in

    References: #4258

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