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Released: March 30, 2018

  • [bug] [mssql] Adjusted the SQL Server version detection for pyodbc to only allow for
    numeric tokens, filtering out non-integers, since the dialect does tuple-
    numeric comparisons with this value. This is normally true for all known
    SQL Server / pyodbc drivers in any case.

    References: #4227

  • [feature] [postgresql] Added support for "PARTITION BY" in PostgreSQL table definitions,
    using "postgresql_partition_by". Pull request courtesy
    Vsevolod Solovyov.

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed a regression that occurred from the previous fix to #4204 in
    version 1.2.5, where a CTE that refers to itself after the
    CTE.alias() method has been called would not refer to itself

    References: #4204

  • [bug] [engine] Fixed bug in connection pool where a connection could be present in the
    pool without all of its "connect" event handlers called, if a previous
    "connect" handler threw an exception; note that the dialects themselves
    have connect handlers that emit SQL, such as those which set transaction
    isolation, which can fail if the database is in a non-available state, but
    still allows a connection. The connection is now invalidated first if any
    of the connect handlers fail.

    References: #4225

  • [bug] [oracle] The minimum cx_Oracle version supported is 5.2 (June 2015). Previously,
    the dialect asserted against version 5.0 but as of 1.2.2 we are using some
    symbols that did not appear until 5.2.

    References: #4211

  • [bug] [declarative] Removed a warning that would be emitted when calling upon
    __table_args__, __mapper_args__ as named with a @declared_attr
    method, when called from a non-mapped declarative mixin. Calling these
    directly is documented as the approach to use when one is overriding one
    of these methods on a mapped class. The warning still emits for regular
    attribute names.

    References: #4221

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug where using Mutable.associate_with() or
    Mutable.as_mutable() in conjunction with a class that has non-
    primary mappers set up with alternatively-named attributes would produce an
    attribute error. Since non-primary mappers are not used for persistence,
    the mutable extension now excludes non-primary mappers from its
    instrumentation steps.

    References: #4215

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