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Released: January 25, 2019

  • [feature] [orm] Added new event hooks QueryEvents.before_compile_update() and
    QueryEvents.before_compile_delete() which complement
    QueryEvents.before_compile() in the case of the Query.update()
    and Query.delete() methods.

    References: #4461

  • [bug] [postgresql] Revised the query used when reflecting CHECK constraints to make use of the
    pg_get_constraintdef function, as the consrc column is being
    deprecated in PG 12. Thanks to John A Stevenson for the tip.

    References: #4463

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed issue where when using single-table inheritance in conjunction with a
    joined inheritance hierarchy that uses "with polymorphic" loading, the
    "single table criteria" for that single-table entity could get confused for
    that of other entities from the same hierarchy used in the same query.The
    adaption of the "single table criteria" is made more specific to the target
    entity to avoid it accidentally getting adapted to other tables in the

    References: #4454

  • [bug] [oracle] Fixed regression in integer precision logic due to the refactor of the
    cx_Oracle dialect in 1.2. We now no longer apply the cx_Oracle.NATIVE_INT
    type to result columns sending integer values (detected as positive
    precision with scale ==0) which encounters integer overflow issues with
    values that go beyond the 32 bit boundary. Instead, the output variable
    is left untyped so that cx_Oracle can choose the best option.

    References: #4457

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