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Released: January 11, 2019

  • Fixed issue in "expanding IN" feature where using the same bound parameter
    name more than once in a query would lead to a KeyError within the process
    of rewriting the parameters in the query.

    References: #4394

  • [bug] [postgresql] Fixed issue where a postgresql.ENUM or a custom domain present
    in a remote schema would not be recognized within column reflection if
    the name of the enum/domain or the name of the schema required quoting.
    A new parsing scheme now fully parses out quoted or non-quoted tokens
    including support for SQL-escaped quotes.

    References: #4416

  • [bug] [postgresql] Fixed issue where multiple postgresql.ENUM objects referred to
    by the same MetaData object would fail to be created if
    multiple objects had the same name under different schema names. The
    internal memoization the PostgreSQL dialect uses to track if it has
    created a particular postgresql.ENUM in the database during
    a DDL creation sequence now takes schema name into account.

  • [bug] [engine] Fixed a regression introduced in version 1.2 where a refactor
    of the SQLAlchemyError base exception class introduced an
    inappropriate coercion of a plain string message into Unicode under
    python 2k, which is not handled by the Python interpreter for characters
    outside of the platform's encoding (typically ascii). The
    SQLAlchemyError class now passes a bytestring through under
    Py2K for __str__() as is the behavior of exception objects in general
    under Py2K, does a safe coercion to unicode utf-8 with
    backslash fallback for __unicode__(). For Py3K the message is
    typically unicode already, but if not is again safe-coerced with utf-8
    with backslash fallback for the __str__() method.

    References: #4429

  • [bug] [mysql] [oracle] [sql] Fixed issue where the DDL emitted for DropTableComment, which
    will be used by an upcoming version of Alembic, was incorrect for the MySQL
    and Oracle databases.

    References: #4436

  • [bug] [sqlite] Reflection of an index based on SQL expressions are now skipped with a
    warning, in the same way as that of the Postgresql dialect, where we currently
    do not support reflecting indexes that have SQL expressions within them.
    Previously, an index with columns of None were produced which would break
    tools like Alembic.

    References: #4431

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