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Released: October 31, 2018

  • [bug] [postgresql] Added support for the aggregate_order_by function to receive
    multiple ORDER BY elements, previously only a single element was accepted.

    References: #4337

  • [bug] [mysql] Added word function to the list of reserved words for MySQL, which is
    now a keyword in MySQL 8.0

    References: #4348

  • [feature] [sql] Refactored SQLCompiler to expose a
    SQLCompiler.group_by_clause() method similar to the
    SQLCompiler.order_by_clause() and SQLCompiler.limit_clause()
    methods, which can be overridden by dialects to customize how GROUP BY
    renders. Pull request courtesy Samuel Chou.

  • [bug] [misc] Fixed issue where part of the utility language helper internals was passing
    the wrong kind of argument to the Python __import__ builtin as the list
    of modules to be imported. The issue produced no symptoms within the core
    library but could cause issues with external applications that redefine the
    __import__ builtin or otherwise instrument it. Pull request courtesy Joe

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug where "dynamic" loader needs to explicitly set the "secondary"
    table in the FROM clause of the query, to suit the case where the secondary
    is a join object that is otherwise not pulled into the query from its
    columns alone.

    References: #4349

  • [bug] [declarative] [orm] Fixed regression caused by #4326 in version 1.2.12 where using
    declared_attr with a mixin in conjunction with
    orm.synonym() would fail to map the synonym properly to an inherited

    References: #4350

  • [bug] [misc] [py3k] Fixed additional warnings generated by Python 3.7 due to changes in the
    organization of the Python collections and packages.
    Previous collections warnings were fixed in version 1.2.11. Pull request
    courtesy xtreak.

    References: #4339

  • [bug] [ext] Added missing .index() method to list-based association collections
    in the association proxy extension.

  • [bug] [mysql] Added a workaround for a MySQL bug #88718 introduced in the 8.0 series,
    where the reflection of a foreign key constraint is not reporting the
    correct case sensitivity for the referred column, leading to errors during
    use of the reflected constraint such as when using the automap extension.
    The workaround emits an additional query to the information_schema tables in
    order to retrieve the correct case sensitive name.

    References: #4344

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed bug where the Enum.create_constraint flag on the
    Enum datatype would not be propagated to copies of the type, which
    affects use cases such as declarative mixins and abstract bases.

    References: #4341

  • [bug] [declarative] [orm] The column conflict resolution technique discussed at
    declarative_column_conflicts is now functional for a Column
    that is also a primary key column. Previously, a check for primary key
    columns declared on a single-inheritance subclass would occur before the
    column copy were allowed to pass.

    References: #4352

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