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Released: July 13, 2018

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed bug where a Sequence would be dropped explicitly before any
    Table that refers to it, which breaks in the case when the
    sequence is also involved in a server-side default for that table, when
    using MetaData.drop_all(). The step which processes sequences
    to be dropped via non server-side column default functions is now invoked
    after the table itself is dropped.

    References: #4300

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug in Bundle construct where placing two columns of the
    same name would be de-duplicated, when the Bundle were used as
    part of the rendered SQL, such as in the ORDER BY or GROUP BY of the statement.

    References: #4295

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed regression in 1.2.9 due to #4287 where using a
    Load option in conjunction with a string wildcard would result
    in a TypeError.

    References: #4298

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