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Released: December 27, 2017

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed bug where __repr__ of ColumnDefault would fail
    if the argument were a tuple. Pull request courtesy Nicolas Caniart.

    This change is also backported to: 1.1.15

    References: #4126

  • [bug] [declarative] [orm] Fixed bug where a descriptor that is elsewhere a mapped column
    or relationship within a hierarchy based on AbstractConcreteBase
    would be referred towards during a refresh operation, causing an error
    as the attribute is not mapped as a mapper property.
    A similar issue can arise for other attributes like the "type" column
    added by AbstractConcreteBase if the class fails to include
    "concrete=True" in its mapper, however the check here should also
    prevent that scenario from causing a problem.

    This change is also backported to: 1.1.15

    References: #4124

  • [bug] [ext] [orm] Fixed bug where the association proxy would inadvertently link itself
    to an AliasedClass object if it were called first with
    the AliasedClass as a parent, causing errors upon subsequent

    This change is also backported to: 1.1.15

    References: #4116

  • [bug] [mysql] MySQL 5.7.20 now warns for use of the @tx_isolation variable; a version
    check is now performed and uses @transaction_isolation instead
    to prevent this warning.

    This change is also backported to: 1.1.15

    References: #4120

  • [feature] [orm] Added a new data member to the identity key tuple
    used by the ORM's identity map, known as the
    "identity_token". This token defaults to None but
    may be used by database sharding schemes to differentiate
    objects in memory with the same primary key that come
    from different databases. The horizontal sharding
    extension integrates this token applying the shard
    identifier to it, thus allowing primary keys to be
    duplicated across horizontally sharded backends.

    References: #4137

  • [bug] [mysql] Fixed regression from issue 1.2.0b3 where "MariaDB" version comparison can
    fail for some particular MariaDB version strings under Python 3.

    References: #4115

  • [enhancement] [sql] Implemented "DELETE..FROM" syntax for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server
    (as well as within the unsupported Sybase dialect) in a manner similar
    to how "UPDATE..FROM" works. A DELETE statement that refers to more than
    one table will switch into "multi-table" mode and render the appropriate
    "USING" or multi-table "FROM" clause as understood by the database.
    Pull request courtesy Pieter Mulder.

    References: #959

  • [bug] [sql] Reworked the new "autoescape" feature introduced in
    change_2694 in 1.2.0b2 to be fully automatic; the escape
    character now defaults to a forwards slash "/" and
    is applied to percent, underscore, as well as the escape
    character itself, for fully automatic escaping. The
    character can also be changed using the "escape" parameter.

    References: #2694

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed bug where the Table.tometadata() method would not properly
    accommodate Index objects that didn't consist of simple
    column expressions, such as indexes against a text() construct,
    indexes that used SQL expressions or func, etc. The routine
    now copies expressions fully to a new Index object while
    substituting all table-bound Column objects for those
    of the target table.

    References: #4147

  • [bug] [sql] Changed the "visit name" of ColumnElement from "column" to
    "column_element", so that when this element is used as the basis for a
    user-defined SQL element, it is not assumed to behave like a table-bound
    ColumnClause when processed by various SQL traversal utilities,
    as are commonly used by the ORM.

    References: #4142

  • [bug] [ext] [sql] Fixed issue in ARRAY datatype which is essentially the same
    issue as that of #3832, except not a regression, where
    column attachment events on top of ARRAY would not fire
    correctly, thus interfering with systems which rely upon this. A key
    use case that was broken by this is the use of mixins to declare
    columns that make use of MutableList.as_mutable().

    References: #4141

  • [engine] [feature] The "password" attribute of the url.URL object can now be
    any user-defined or user-subclassed string object that responds to the
    Python str() builtin. The object passed will be maintained as the
    datamember url.URL.password_original and will be consulted
    when the url.URL.password attribute is read to produce the
    string value.

    References: #4089

  • [bug] [orm] Fixed bug in contains_eager() query option where making use of a
    path that used PropComparator.of_type() to refer to a subclass
    across more than one level of joins would also require that the "alias"
    argument were provided with the same subtype in order to avoid adding
    unwanted FROM clauses to the query; additionally, using
    contains_eager() across subclasses that use aliased() objects
    of subclasses as the PropComparator.of_type() argument will also
    render correctly.

    References: #4130

  • [feature] [postgresql] Added new postgresql.MONEY datatype. Pull request courtesy
    Cleber J Santos.

  • [bug] [sql] Fixed bug in new "expanding bind parameter" feature whereby if multiple
    params were used in one statement, the regular expression would not
    match the parameter name correctly.

    References: #4140

  • [enhancement] [ext] Added new method baked.Result.with_post_criteria() to baked
    query system, allowing non-SQL-modifying transformations to take place
    after the query has been pulled from the cache. Among other things,
    this method can be used with horizontal_shard.ShardedQuery
    to set the shard identifier. horizontal_shard.ShardedQuery
    has also been modified such that its ShardedQuery.get() method
    interacts correctly with that of baked.Result.

    References: #4135

  • [bug] [oracle] Added some additional rules to fully handle Decimal('Infinity'),
    Decimal('-Infinity') values with cx_Oracle numerics when using

    References: #4064

  • [bug] [mssql] Fixed bug where sqltypes.BINARY and sqltypes.VARBINARY datatypes
    would not include correct bound-value handlers for pyodbc,
    which allows the pyodbc.NullParam value to be passed that
    helps with FreeTDS.

    References: #4121

  • [feature] [misc] Added a new errors section to the documentation with background
    about common error messages. Selected exceptions within SQLAlchemy
    will include a link in their string output to the relevant section
    within this page.

  • [bug] [orm] The Query.exists() method will now disable eager loaders for when
    the query is rendered. Previously, joined-eager load joins would be rendered
    unnecessarily as well as subquery eager load queries would be needlessly
    generated. The new behavior matches that of the Query.subquery()

    References: #4032

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