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Released: April 4, 2017


  • [sql] [bug] Fixed regression released in 1.1.5 due to #3859 where
    adjustments to the "right-hand-side" evaluation of an expression
    based on Variant to honor the underlying type's
    "right-hand-side" rules caused the Variant type
    to be inappropriately lost, in those cases when we do want the
    left-hand side type to be transferred directly to the right hand side
    so that bind-level rules can be applied to the expression's argument.

    References: #3952

  • [sql] [bug] [postgresql] Changed the mechanics of ResultProxy to unconditionally
    delay the "autoclose" step until the Connection is done
    with the object; in the case where PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT with
    RETURNING returns no rows, autoclose was occurring in this previously
    non-existent use case, causing the usual autocommit behavior that
    occurs unconditionally upon INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE to fail.

    References: #3955


  • [bug] [ext] Fixed regression released in 1.1.8 due to #3950 where the
    deeper search for information about column types in the case of a
    "schema type" or a TypeDecorator would produce an attribute
    error if the mapping also contained a column_property.

    References: #3956

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