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Released: March 31, 2017


  • [postgresql] [bug] Added support for parsing the PostgreSQL version string for
    a development version like "PostgreSQL 10devel". Pull request
    courtesy Sean McCully.


  • [bug] [ext] Fixed bug in sqlalchemy.ext.mutable where the
    Mutable.as_mutable() method would not track a type that had
    been copied using TypeEngine.copy(). This became more of
    a regression in 1.1 compared to 1.0 because the TypeDecorator
    class is now a subclass of SchemaEventTarget, which among
    other things indicates to the parent Column that the type
    should be copied when the Column is. These copies are
    common when using declarative with mixins or abstract classes.

    References: #3950

  • [bug] [ext] Added support for bound parameters, e.g. those normally set up
    via Query.params(), to the baked.Result.count()
    method. Previously, support for parameters were omitted. Pull request
    courtesy Pat Deegan.

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