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Released: October 27, 2016


  • [orm] [bug] Fixed regression caused by #2677 whereby calling
    Session.delete() on an object that was already flushed as
    deleted in that session would fail to set up the object in the
    identity map (or reject the object), causing flush errors as the
    object were in a state not accommodated by the unit of work.
    The pre-1.1 behavior in this case has been restored, which is that
    the object is put back into the identity map so that the DELETE
    statement will be attempted again, which emits a warning that the number
    of expected rows was not matched (unless the row were restored outside
    of the session).

    References: #3839

  • [orm] [bug] Fixed regression where some Query methods like
    Query.update() and others would fail if the Query
    were against a series of mapped columns, rather than the mapped
    entity as a whole.

    References: #3836


  • [sql] [bug] Fixed bug involving new value translation and validation feature
    in Enum whereby using the enum object in a string
    concatenation would maintain the Enum type as the type
    of the expression overall, producing missing lookups. A string
    concatenation against an Enum-typed column now uses
    String as the datatype of the expression itself.

    References: #3833

  • [sql] [bug] Fixed regression which occurred as a side effect of #2919,
    which in the less typical case of a user-defined
    TypeDecorator that was also itself an instance of
    SchemaType (rather than the implementation being such)
    would cause the column attachment events to be skipped for the
    type itself.

    References: #3832


  • [postgresql] [bug] PostgreSQL table reflection will ensure that the
    Column.autoincrement flag is set to False when reflecting
    a primary key column that is not of an Integer datatype,
    even if the default is related to an integer-generating sequence.
    This can happen if a column is created as SERIAL and the datatype
    is changed. The autoincrement flag can only be True if the datatype
    is of integer affinity in the 1.1 series.

    References: #3835

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