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Released: October 17, 2016


  • [orm] [bug] Fixed bug involving the rule to disable a joined collection eager
    loader on the other side of a many-to-one lazy loader, first added
    in #1495, where the rule would fail if the parent object
    had some other lazyloader-bound query options associated with it.

    References: #3824

  • [orm] [bug] Fixed self-referential entity, deferred column loading issue in a
    similar style as that of #3431, #3811 where an entity
    is present in multiple positions within the row due to self-referential
    eager loading; when the deferred loader only applies to one of the
    paths, the "present" column loader will now override the deferred non-
    load for that entity regardless of row ordering.

    References: #3822


  • [sql] [bug] Fixed a regression caused by a newly added function that performs the
    "wrap callable" function of sql DefaultGenerator objects,
    an attribute error raised for __module__ when the default callable
    was a functools.partial or other object that doesn't have a
    __module__ attribute.

    References: #3823

  • [sql] [bug] [postgresql] Fixed regression in Enum type where event handlers were not
    transferred in the case of the type object being copied, due to a
    conflicting copy() method added as part of #3250. This copy
    occurs normally in situations when the column is copied, such as
    in tometadata() or when using declarative mixins with columns. The
    event handler not being present would impact the constraint being
    created for a non-native enumerated type, but more critically the
    ENUM object on the PostgreSQL backend.

    References: #3827


  • [postgresql] [bug] [sql] Changed the naming convention used when generating bound parameters
    for a multi-VALUES insert statement, so that the numbered parameter
    names don't conflict with the anonymized parameters of a WHERE clause,
    as is now common in a PostgreSQL ON CONFLICT construct.

    References: #3828

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