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Released: February 16, 2018


  • [orm] [bug] Fixed issue in post_update feature where an UPDATE is emitted
    when the parent object has been deleted but the dependent object
    is not. This issue has existed for a long time however
    since 1.2 now asserts rows matched for post_update, this
    was raising an error.

    References: #4187

  • [orm] [bug] Fixed regression caused by fix for issue #4116 affecting versions
    1.2.2 as well as 1.1.15, which had the effect of mis-calculation of the
    "owning class" of an AssociationProxy as the NoneType class
    in some declarative mixin/inheritance situations as well as if the
    association proxy were accessed off of an un-mapped class. The "figure out
    the owner" logic has been replaced by an in-depth routine that searches
    through the complete mapper hierarchy assigned to the class or subclass to
    determine the correct (we hope) match; will not assign the owner if no
    match is found. An exception is now raised if the proxy is used
    against an un-mapped instance.

    References: #4185

  • [orm] [bug] Fixed bug where an object that is expunged during a rollback of
    a nested or subtransaction which also had its primary key mutated
    would not be correctly removed from the session, causing subsequent
    issues in using the session.

    References: #4151


  • [sql] [bug] Added nullsfirst() and nullslast() as top level imports
    in the sqlalchemy. and sqlalchemy.sql. namespace. Pull request
    courtesy Lele Gaifax.

  • [sql] [bug] Fixed bug in Insert.values() where using the "multi-values"
    format in combination with Column objects as keys rather
    than strings would fail. Pull request courtesy Aubrey Stark-Toller.

    References: #4162


  • [postgresql] [bug] Added "SSL SYSCALL error: Operation timed out" to the list
    of messages that trigger a "disconnect" scenario for the
    psycopg2 driver. Pull request courtesy André Cruz.

  • [postgresql] [bug] Added "TRUNCATE" to the list of keywords accepted by the
    PostgreSQL dialect as an "autocommit"-triggering keyword.
    Pull request courtesy Jacob Hayes.


  • [mysql] [bug] Fixed bug where the MySQL "concat" and "match" operators failed to
    propagate kwargs to the left and right expressions, causing compiler
    options such as "literal_binds" to fail.

    References: #4136


  • [bug] [pool] Fixed a fairly serious connection pool bug where a connection that is
    acquired after being refreshed as a result of a user-defined
    DisconnectionError or due to the 1.2-released "pre_ping" feature
    would not be correctly reset if the connection were returned to the pool by
    weakref cleanup (e.g. the front-facing object is garbage collected); the
    weakref would still refer to the previously invalidated DBAPI connection
    which would have the reset operation erroneously called upon it instead.
    This would lead to stack traces in the logs and a connection being checked
    into the pool without being reset, which can cause locking issues.

    References: #4184

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