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Released: July 24, 2017


  • [orm] [bug] Fixed regression from 1.1.11 where adding additional non-entity
    columns to a query that includes an entity with subqueryload
    relationships would fail, due to an inspection added in 1.1.11 as a
    result of #4011.

    References: #4033

  • [orm] [bug] Fixed bug involving JSON NULL evaluation logic added in 1.1 as part
    of #3514 where the logic would not accommodate ORM
    mapped attributes named differently from the Column
    that was mapped.

    References: #4031

  • [orm] [bug] Added KeyError checks to all methods within
    WeakInstanceDict where a check for key in dict is
    followed by indexed access to that key, to guard against a race against
    garbage collection that under load can remove the key from the dict
    after the code assumes its present, leading to very infrequent
    KeyError raises.

    References: #4030


  • [oracle] [feature] [postgresql] Added new keywords Sequence.cache and
    Sequence.order to Sequence, to allow rendering
    of the CACHE parameter understood by Oracle and PostgreSQL, and the
    ORDER parameter understood by Oracle. Pull request
    courtesy David Moore.


  • [bug] [py3k] [tests] Fixed issue in testing fixtures which was incompatible with a change
    made as of Python 3.6.2 involving context managers.

    This change is also backported to: 1.0.18

    References: #4034

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