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Released: Friday, May 19, 2017


  • [orm] [bug] Fixed bug where a cascade such as "delete-orphan" (but others as well)
    would fail to locate an object linked to a relationship that itself
    is local to a subclass in an inheritance relationship, thus causing
    the operation to not take place.

    References: #3986


  • [schema] [bug] An ArgumentError is now raised if a
    ForeignKeyConstraint object is created with a mismatched
    number of "local" and "remote" columns, which otherwise causes the
    internal state of the constraint to be incorrect. Note that this
    also impacts the condition where a dialect's reflection process
    produces a mismatched set of columns for a foreign key constraint.

    References: #3949


  • [postgresql] [bug] Added "autocommit" support for GRANT, REVOKE keywords. Pull request
    courtesy Jacob Hayes.


  • [mysql] [bug] Removed an ancient and unnecessary intercept of the UTC_TIMESTAMP
    MySQL function, which was getting in the way of using it with a

    References: #3966

  • [mysql] [bug] Fixed bug in MySQL dialect regarding rendering of table options in
    conjunction with PARTITION options when rendering CREATE TABLE.
    The PARTITION related options need to follow the table options,
    whereas previously this ordering was not enforced.

    References: #3961


  • [oracle] [bug] Fixed bug in cx_Oracle dialect where version string parsing would
    fail for cx_Oracle version 6.0b1 due to the "b" character. Version
    string parsing is now via a regexp rather than a simple split.

    References: #3975


  • [bug] [ext] Protected against testing "None" as a class in the case where
    declarative classes are being garbage collected and new
    automap prepare() operations are taking place concurrently, very
    infrequently hitting a weakref that has not been fully acted upon
    after gc.

    References: #3980

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