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Version 4.3.0

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Major new features

Modular API-first architecture

Spree new architecture

We've completely decoupled Storefront (spree_frontend), Admin Panel (spree_backend) and extracted transactional Emails into their own gem (spree_emails). Thanks to this you can:

  1. Easily replace Storefront and Admin Panel with your own
  2. Use the version of Storefront and Admin you like, so you can update the Spree Core and API without the need to upgrade these two
  3. Easily replace standard transactional emails with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and other 3rd parties

We're also making Spree less dependent on the Rails framework while supporting Rails 5.2, 6.0, and 6.1 on Ruby 2 and 3.

Next.js Commerce integration

Screenshots of Spree Commerce and NextJS Commerce

Next.js Commerce is an all-in-one React starter kit for high-performance eCommerce sites. With the new API-first architecture it was very easy to connect Spree APIs via Spree SDK to the new blazing fast react storefront.

BTW we have more storefront integrations news lined up in the coming weeks!

Pages & Navigation CMS

This release gives Spree users a powerful content management system that goes beyond creating basic text pages.

Spree Content Management System allows you to create:

Home Pages

  • Create many home pages per store.
  • Each home page is unique by language.
  • Add multiple sections to each home page.

Standard Pages

  • Standard pages consist of WYSIWYG text editor content.
  • Each standard page has a slug that is unique to the store.
  • Each page is assigned a language.

Feature pages

  • Feature pages use page sections.
  • Each feature page has a slug that is unique to the store.
  • Feature pages are assigned a language.

Users can create navigation menus for their Spree stores.

Each menu is unique by language and location within the store and has the following features:

  • Menus contain many menu items. Each menu item can link to a product, taxon, URLs, home page, or CMS page.
  • Menu items can be nested inside other menu items creating nested links.
  • Menus can have container items used to organize links within the menu.
  • Menu items can have images allowing you to create promotions within the main menu.

Platform API Developer Preview

A new set of fast and modern APIs for application to application integrations based on oAuth 2.0 authentication and permissions.
This API completely replaces API v1 which will be extracted from Spree core in 5.0. Platform API is built on the same foundations and technology as Storefront API which means JSON API format, Swagger (Open API) documentation, and oAuth 2.0 authentication.

Spree new architecture

Platform API is the biggest and most robust API for Spree with the biggest number of API endpoints to cover all features
available in Admin Panel plus more.

Advanced Product Filters

We've greatly expanded the product filters feature. Now you can:

  • Filter by Properties - you can set which Properties should be filterable and the ones you choose will be visible and supported in the Storefront and API
  • Filter by Option Types - you can set which Option Types should be filterable and the ones you choose will be visible and supported in the Storefront and API
  • Storefront API will also return available filters for products in the Product API endpoint

This way you can create new custom filters in the Admin UI from Option Types or Properties and the system will do the rest work for you.


Follow Getting Started guide


Follow 4.2 to 4.3 upgrade guide

Noteworthy changes

Please review each of the noteworthy changes to ensure your customizations or extensions are not affected. If you are affected by a change and have any suggestions, please submit a PR to help the next person!


  • Added caching to API v2 serialized increasing API responsiveness 3-5 times Damian Legawiec

    This also includes new confirmation option Spree::Api::Config[:api_v2_cache_ttl] for the cache expiration TTL. Default value is 3600 (1 hour). Cache also auto-expires when cachd record is updated, more on this topic:

  • Added universal collection caching for Platform/Storefront API responses #11245

  • Increased API v2 per page limit to 500 #11257

  • Multi-Store Storefront Products API returns Products from the current Store Damian Legawiec

  • Multi-Store Storefront Account Orders API returns Orders from the current Store Damian Legawiec

  • Multi-Store Storefront Order Status API returns Order from the current Store Damian Legawiec

  • Multi-Store Return only Store resources in Storefront API, Platform API, and Storefront UI #11126 (damianlegawiec)

  • Fix API V2 Platform products by price sorting #11276 (szymoniwacz)

  • Platform API Classifications endpoints #11195 (damianlegawiec)

  • Platform API - Products endpoints #11194 (damianlegawiec)

  • Added API endpoint for changing cart currency #11331 (rafalcymerys)

  • Storefront API Products endpoint returns filter options with products #11318 (rafalcymerys)

  • Storefront API Adresses endpoint - display addresses from countries supported in the current store #11271 (v10110)

  • Add public preferences to payment methods in Storefront API Checkout endpoints #11301 (damianlegawiec)

  • Storefront Countries API returns all countries on a single page #11289 (damianlegawiec)

  • Fix API V2 Platform products by price sorting #11276 (szymoniwacz)

  • Storefront API / Platform API - allow to dynamically specify image dimensions/quality in API URLs to get the transformed image #11264 (damianlegawiec)


  • Multi-Store Order#available_payment_methods by default will return only Payment Methods available in Order's Store Damian Legawiec

    Passing store argument to that method will result in deprecation warning

  • Multi-Store Deprecated Store.current in favour of Stores::FindCurrent Damian Legawiec

    Also, this finder class can be replaced by custom one by setting

    Spree::Dependencies.current_store_finder = YourCustomStoreFinder

    in config/initializers/spree.rb (please check documentation)

  • Multi-Store Product, Promotion and PaymentMethod models require at least one Store associated Damian Legawiec

  • Multi-Store Promotion is now associated to multiple Store records via StorePromotion model Damian Legawiec

    You can disable this behaviour by setting:

    Spree::Config[:disable_store_presence_validation] = true

    in your config/initializers/spree.rb file

  • Multi-Store Store Credit model is now associated with Store Szymon Iwacz

  • Taxon model now requires Taxonomy presence and that Taxonymy needs to match Taxon's Parent (if present) Damian Legawiec

  • Transactional emails were extracted into a separate gem called spree_emails Damian Legawiec

  • Replaced twitter_cldr gem with much smaller validates_zipcode Damian Kaczmarczyk

  • Removed premailer-rails gem dependency Damian Legawiec

  • Removed rails dependency - only require Rails gems that we really use Damian Legawiec

  • Removed responders dependency Damian Legawiec

  • Removed sprockets dependency Damian Legawiec

  • Moved spree.js file to frontend/backend Damian Legawiec

  • Moved polyfill.min.js and fetch.umd.js files to frontend Damian Legawiec

  • Moved cleave.js file to frontend/backend Damian Legawiec

  • Moved jquery.payment.js file to frontend Damian Legawiec

  • Migrate User Roles code from Spree Auth Devise to Spree Core #11108 (damianlegawiec)

  • Change integer id columns into bigint #11182 (szymoniwacz)

Admin Panel

  • Full Multi Store support with Store switcher #11099 (Vegann & MatthewKennedy)
  • Change the taxon autocomplete to use Platform API. #11244 (MatthewKennedy)
  • Use RTE for product description. #11181 (MatthewKennedy)
  • Automatically set Store and Currency when creating resources in Admin UI #11096 (damianlegawiec)
  • Added admin panel stock menu for stock locations and transfers #11134 (aplegatt)


  • Upgraded Sprockets to v4 and added support for ES6, Source Maps and Manifest.js Damian Legawiec
  • Multi-Store Only Store Orders are returned Damian Legawiec
  • Multi-Store Only Store Products are returned Damian Legawiec
  • Added clearing all filters on PLP / Taxon page Lukasz Adamczyk
  • Added filtering Products on PLP by a custom price range Lukasz Adamczyk
  • Display only these Product Filters that have Products attached Lukasz Adamczyk
  • Allow user to sort products by name on PLP #11091 (Vegann)

Full Changelog

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