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Version 4.1.4

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4 years ago

This patch release contains bug fixes backported from the master branch. We'd like to thank all the contributors who made this happen 👍


  • Fixes clear all button overlapping filters on older devices like iPhone 6 45eb284
  • Reduces continue shopping button margin on an empty cart page to fit smaller desktop screens bb0aacb
  • Enhanced PLP customization with SASS variables 3b215fc

Admin Panel

  • fixed for displaying color option in Variants autocomplete 801ea58


  • Product Finder: when filtering by Taxon, always return products from child taxons also dd4ed37
  • Added BaseHelper#maximum_quantity method a5eccd7
  • Added Spree::DatabaseUtitlies to handle maximum integer value validation f88f57e
  • Fixed LineItem#quantity maximum value validation f5cbf8d
  • Fixed Zone#kind method 631e78f

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