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Version 4.1.11

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3 years ago

This security release is recommended for all Spree 4.11 installations


  • ⚠️ SECURITY ensures that doorkeeper_token is valid when authenticating requests in API v2 calls e43643a
  • Added pre_tax_total and display_pre_tax_total in Cart API v2
  • Added pre_tax_item_amount and display_pre_tax_item_amount in Cart API v2 995f3d0
  • Added display_pre_tax_amount for LineItem in Cart API v2
  • API v2 always include shipping rates as shipment relationship in Checkout Shipping Rates endpoint


  • Added Order#pre_tax_total and Order#display_pre_tax_total 1de0f4e
  • Optimize Order#pre_tax_item_amount and add Order#display_pre_tax_item_amount 14121fe

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