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Version 3.1.6

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6 years ago

This release contains numerous bug fixes backported from Spree 3.2 and 3.3. We'd like to thank all the contributors who made this happen 👍


  • smaller gem size by excluding specs (#8095)

Admin Panel

  • fixed discontinued on toggle in admin products list (#8116)
  • fixed: Properly displays or on Taxon edit form in Admin Panel (#8140)
  • fixed: show promotionable form field of product even if it has variants (#8126)
  • fixed: Backend only Shipping Method not selectable (#8120)
  • fixed: hide product tabs for deleted product (#8119)


  • RABL pagination fixes (#8114)
  • fixed product property api endpoints (#8117)


  • loosen acts_as_list dependency to ~> 0.7, >= 0.7.2 (#7913)
  • added validation for discontinue_on and available_on in product (#8118)
  • added created_at and updated_at globally to ransack search (#8121)
  • fixed: don't destroy dependent associations if we cannot destroy the User (#8125)


  • reduces n+1 queries for variant load associated with variant_images (#8122)
  • fixed: don't display empty taxonomy trees (#8123)

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