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Version 3.0.6

latest releases: v4.7.3, v4.6.6, v4.5.5...
8 years ago

This release contains numerous fixes backported from master. We'd like to thank all the contributors who made this happen.


  • using spree command installer won't lock you to a specific Spree version, it will always add it to gemfile such as ~> 3.0.6
  • spree_auth_devise and spree_gateway are both available from RubyGems now, no need to pull them from GitHub
  • all gems are tested against Ruby 2.2 on CI
  • shoulda matchers added to project
  • rubocop fixes
  • bugfixes, performance optimizations
  • numerous documentation fixes & updates


  • per page drop-down fixes #6888
  • jquery-rails updated to 4.1
  • products sub-menu active state fix d27a67a


  • jquery-rails updated to 4.1
  • bootstrap-sass updated

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