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10 years ago


  • Upgraded to Devise 3.2. Should be a fairly smooth upgrade path, just remember to run the migrations:

    bundle exec rake railties:install:migrations
    bundle exec rake db:migrate


  • Introduce Core::UserAddress module. Once included on the store user class the user address can be rememembered on checkout

    Washington Luiz / Peter Berkenbosch

  • Fixed issue where selecting a payment method that required confirmation would fail, then another payment method that did not require confirmation was then chosen, but confirmation step would still appear. #3970

    Washington Luiz

  • Bumped Kaminari version to 0.15.0

    Ryan Bigg

  • Shipments are now "touched" when Inventory Units are updated, and Orders are now "touched" when Payments are updated. Variants are now "touched" when Stock Items are updated. This "touching" will update the record's timestamp.

    Ryan Bigg

  • If a name field now exists on spree_variants, Spree will use that rather than the virtual attribute defined by delegates_belongs_to. #4012

    Washington Luiz

  • Moved Money.extract_cents and Money.parse to Spree::Money, as those methods are being deprecated in the Money gem, but Spree still uses them to a great extent.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Added ability to enable/disable inventory tracking control on the variant-level.

    Michael Tucker

  • Only in_stock inventory units are now restocked once an order is canceled.

    Washington Luiz

  • Backorders for incomplete orders are now no longer fufiled. #4056

    Sean O'Hara

  • Shipment numbers should be 11-characters, not 9. #4063

    Ryan Bigg

  • Only available shipping rates are now sorted in Spree::Stock::Estimator. #4067

    Ryan Bigg

  • Email is now only required once past the address step of the checkout. #4079

    Ryan Bigg

  • Ensure state_changes records are no longer created if the state changes. #4072

    Ryan Bigg

  • allow_ssl_in_* variables are no longer accessed during initialization. #4094

    John Hawthorn

  • Promotion rules are now loaded after initialization so that the user rule is loaded correctly.

    Peter Berkenbosch

  • Fixed issue where common shipping methods were not being returned when calculating packages. #4102

    Dan Kubb

  • Only eligible promotions now count towards credits_count on Spree::Promotion objects. #4120

    Ryan Bigg

  • Order#available_payment_methods will now return payment methods marked as 'Both' #4199

    Francisco Trindade & Ryan Bigg


  • Cached products/show template, which can lead to drastically (65x) faster loading times on product requests.

    Ryan Bigg

  • The parts that make up an order's response from /api/orders/:num are cached, which can lead to a 5x improvement of speed for this API endpoint. 00e9205

    Ryan Bigg

  • Cached variant objects which can lead to slightly faster loading times (4x) for each variant.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Added a route to allow for /api/variants/:id requests

    Ryan Bigg

  • Taxons can now be gathered without their children with the ?without_children=1 query parameter. #4112

    Ryan Bigg

  • Orders on the /api/orders/mine endpoint can now be paginated and searched. #4099

    Richard Nuno

  • Order token can now be passed as a header: X-Spree-Order-Token. #4148

    Lucjan Suski (methyl)


  • Don't serve JS to non XHR requests. Prevents sentive data leaking. Thanks to
    Egor Homakov for pointing that out in Spree codebase.
    for details.

  • 'Only show completed orders' checkbox status will now persist when paging through orders.

    darbs + Ryan Bigg

  • Implemented a basic Risk Assessment feature in Spree Backend. Viewing any Order's edit page now shows the following, with a status indicator:

    Payments; link_to new log feature (ie. Number of multiple failed authorization requests)
    AVS response (ie. Billing address not matching credit card)
    CVV response (ie. code not matching)

    Ben Radler (aka lordnibbler)

  • Log entries are now displayed in the admin backend for payments.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Orders without shipments will now display their line items properly in the admin backend.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Fix issue where a controller that inherited from Spree::ResourceController may not be able to find its class.

    Ryan Bigg, tomkrus, Michael Tucker

  • Payment amounts are now displayed as "$50.00" Rather than "50.0" on the payments show screen.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Shipment states for items on the order screen can now be translated.

    Tiago Amaro

  • JavaScript destroy action flash messages are shown once again. #4032

    Ryan Bigg

  • The page title for admin screens can now be set with a content_for :title block.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Items' SKUs are now displayed on the shipment manifest list. #4045

    Peter Berkenbosch

  • Spaces inside shipment tracking numbers are now accounted for.

    Daniel Pritchett


  • Checkout now may remember user address

    Washington Luiz / Peter Berkenbosch

  • Checkout now no longer redirects back to address state if confirmation step fails. #4117

    Ryan Bigg

  • Orders are only created now when there is a product added to the cart. #4136

    Washington Luiz

  • Added Deface Hook for Payment Method fields so that they can be defaced. #42222

    Dave Kiss

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