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Version 2.0.8

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10 years ago


  • Bumped Rails to 3.2.16

    Ryan Bigg

  • Bumped ActiveMerchant to 1.42.3

    Ryan Bigg

  • Bumped aws-sdk to 1.31.3.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Bumped to ransack 1.1.0.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Bumped Kaminari to 0.15.0.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Add currency_sign_before_symbol setting, allows for either -$10.00 or $-10.00.

    Ryan Bigg

  • Switched from * 100 to money.cents in a couple of places in Payment::Processing, for proper handling of cents in currencies where cents are not 100ths of a dollar.

    Clarke Brunsdon

  • Spree.user_class now accepts a Symbol, as well as a String.


  • All adjustments are now updated during Order#update!. #3960

    John Hawthorn

  • Can now control whether or not variants have inventory tracking on a per-variant basis. #3974

    Michael Tucker

  • Cancelling an order now sets the payment_state to credit_owed in all cases. #3711

    Ryan Bigg

  • Only on hand inventory units are now restocked.

    Washington Luiz

  • Shipment numbers are now once again 12 characters long (H, followed by 11 numbers). #4063

    Ryan Bigg

  • Inferring a currency for Spree::Money.parse when none is given now works. #4077


  • The User promotion rule should now no longer use the Spree.user_class class as its association. 6fd78ec

    Peter Berkenbosch

  • Only eligible promotions are now counted towards Promotion#credits. #4120

    Ryan Bigg

  • Order#available_payment_methods will now return payment methods marked as 'Both' #4199

    Francisco Trindade & Ryan Bigg


  • When line items are added after the delivery state, the shipments are now recreated. #3914

    Washington Luiz

  • State names are now persisted on addresses when using ensure_state_from_api, even if the state does not exist as a Spree::State. e976a3b

    Washington Luiz

  • Times are now returned with millisecond precision. (Note: this patch is not in the 2-1-stable or master branches because Rails 4 does this by default.)

    Washington Luiz


  • Don't serve JS to non XHR requests. Prevents sentive data leaking. Thanks to
    Egor Homakov for pointing that out in Spree codebase.
    for details.

  • 'Only show completed orders' checkbox status will now persist when paging through orders.

    darbs + Ryan Bigg

  • Persist search fields acrross requests for sales total report #3906

    Ryan Bigg

  • Flash messages for destructive actions in the admin backend are now visible once again. #4032

    Ryan Bigg

  • Spaces inside shipment tracking numbers are now accounted for.

    Daniel Pritchett


  • Country lists where the country names contain acceents are now sorted correctly. #3911


  • Flash messages no longer persist for gateway or coupon application errors. #4034

    Scott (sc0ttman)

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