github spl0k/supysonic 0.7.0

latest releases: 0.7.8, 0.7.7, 0.7.6...
2 years ago


  • Playlists can be exported to .m3u files from the web interface
  • Ability to rename users from the CLI
  • Covers are added to zip files when downloading full albums
  • Downloading a folder now includes all the subfolders
  • supysonic-server command to start the web server


  • Disabled compression for generated zip files
  • When downloading a folder or album, the size of the zip file is now known
  • Prevent downloading empty zip files


  • Fixed renaming playlists from the web interface
  • Fixed watcher error when files were added and removed within a short timespan
  • Fixed potential errors when accessing the API with a new client for the first time
  • Fixed genre duplication in album info
  • Support for large zip files
  • Handle dates outside the range supported by zip files
  • Properly close daemon connection on shutdown

Breaking changes:

  • The CLI doesn't support shell-like capability anymore
  • As announced earlier, bin and cgi-bin folders have been deleted

Note to package maintainers:

  • click is now explicitly needed (rather than implicitly as a Flask dependency)
  • Dependency on zipstream was replaced by zipstream-ng

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