github spikecodes/libreddit v0.2.5
v0.2.5 - Wikis, Fixes and Optimizations

  • Styling fixed for navbar
  • Page titles closer match Reddit page titles
  • Fix posts overflowing on Safari on iOS #19
  • Error page added for unknown page requests
  • Optimized use of .unwrap() and .clone()
  • Optimized sequencing with clippy
  • Rewrite Reddit links as Libreddit ones #20
  • Wiki pages are here! #17
    • Subreddits with a wiki enabled now display tabs on their about widgets (one for "Posts", the default, and one for "Wiki"):
    • Select the "Wiki" tab to view the index page of the wiki:
latest releases: v0.2.8, v0.2.7, v0.2.6...
21 days ago