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v0.8.16: Ravel & Cram

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7 years ago

v0.8.16 Release Notes

5 new packages since 0.8.15:

  • cram
  • metis
  • otf
  • ravel
  • scotch
  • Fix for SAMRAI fetch URL.

For packagers

  • MPICH now sets up MPICH_CC, MPICH_CXX, etc. in dependent environment
    so that dependency builds use Spack compiler wrappers.
  • Simpler build error messages on fail (no more python stacktrace)
  • Disable CMake policy warnings in std_cmake_args.
  • Remove superfluous compiler wrapper links (g++ link interfered with icpc)
  • Several new packaging helper functions:
    • install_tree
    • traverse_tree
    • force_symlink

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