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22 months ago

v0.15.2 (2020-07-23)

This minor release includes two new features:

  • Spack install verbosity is decreased, and more debug levels are added (#17546)
  • The $spack/share/spack/keys directory contains public keys that may be optionally trusted for public binary mirrors (#17684)

This release also includes several important fixes:

  • MPICC and related variables are now cleand in the build environment (#17450)
  • LLVM flang only builds CUDA offload components when +cuda (#17466)
  • CI pipelines no longer upload user environments that can contain secrets to the internet (#17545)
  • CI pipelines add bootstrapped compilers to the compiler config (#17536)
  • spack buildcache list does not exit on first failure and lists later mirrors (#17565)
  • Apple's "gcc" executable that is an apple-clang compiler does not generate a gcc compiler config (#17589)
  • Mixed compiler toolchains are merged more naturally across different compiler suffixes (#17590)
  • Cray Shasta platforms detect the OS properly (#17467)
  • Additional more minor fixes.

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